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JBL Recone & Added Service Prices with Reproduction Kits

Vintage JBL loudspeakers from the 1950s through the late 1970s with AlNiCo magnets will lose some of their magnetic energy over the decades. Typically, the energy in the magnetic gap will be down approximately 10-20% resulting in a diminished performance of the efficiency, sensitivity and frequency response of each driver. To make sure the loudspeakers are performing at their peak capability and reliability, it is highly recommended to disassemble, clean and recharge each AlNiCo motor structure. This will ensure "like new" performance. Later loudspeaker models with ferrite (ceramic) magnet motor assemblies do not require a recharge. However, ferrite motors with a shifted magnet/pole piece can be realigned provided the magnet itself is not destroyed.

Motor/Magnet dissassembly, cleaning and recharge, add $100.00

   Disassemble motor from frame, remove and clean top plate, complete cleaning of magnet pot assembly of debris and corrosion, treat with anti-corrosive gun oil.

Motor/Magnet recharge only, add$60.00

Shifted ferrite magnet realignment, add $85.00

   Adhesive bonding surfaces must be cleaned and prepped for realignment and bonding.

JBL Reproduction Recone only prices:

D110F/K110/E110-8,(16 ohms)      $199.00

2123H                                          $199.00

D120F/D131/K120/2130/E120-8    $225.00

D123/2125                                   $199.00

2212/D123A-1 with Aquaplas         $325.00

2213A/123-A with Aquaplas           $325.00

2214H-1 with Aquaplas                  $325.00

128H/128H-1 with Aquaplas         $325.00

2205A,B/2225H,J                          $235.00

2226H,J                                          $235.00

2231A,136A                                  $235.00

2235H,136H                                  $235.00

NEW!! 2236H                                 $249.00  No-Rot Cloth surround kit for 2235H...Exceeds OEM Specs for Moving Mass

D130F/D130/K130/2135/E130-8    $235.00

D140F/K140/E140-8                      $235.00

LE14A/LE14H/LE14H-1                  $325.00 

2240H/2245H                               $325.00

New!! 2246H                           $349.00 No-Rot Cloth surround kit for 2245H...Meets or exceeds OEM Specs for Moving Mass

E155-8                                         $249.00                

2241H                                          $249.00

...More to be added